Is it time to think about eCommerce? Here are a few things you need to consider.

moving-to-online-sales-2Having a digital presence is mandatory in our current market. It is vital for businesses to expand their reach across the market in search of new distribution opportunities. The digital era opens a world of possibilities through new channels that often offer many benefits. So, do you want to open the doors to eCommerce and create your own webstore? Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Your secure digital property

Like when opening a new business, often resorting to opening a webstore requires you to analyze your current location to know whether you can expand or if you need to move to a new location. You should know if your current hosting can provide the appropriate SSL certificate, what kind of security measures your hosting provider can supply and analyze the cost for increasing the space dedicated for your website in order to host your new digital store.


Do you know what you’ll have on your online shop? Will you display your entire inventory? Will it just be specialized items? Does this connect to your existing inventory management? All these choices are a key part of your online strategy. Ideally, your entire system should connect as one with your physical store’s inventory and your respective ERP, so that you can avoid order errors and potentially, logistical nightmares.

Checkout system

How will your customer be allowed to pay? Are you accepting PayPal only or will you take credit cards? Giving your customers a variety of options might seem like a problem, but not having options could just cost you a potential customer. Make sure your working with a secure merchant. Consider that they must be reliable and potentially, provide your customer with the choices they need when they shop in your webstore.


Digital businesses have one great advantage over your physical one: your database is automatically populated with internal customer information that you can analyze later to understand and predict customer trends. By looking at customer preferred sales, you can also provide customized promotions that might help you make a customer for life.

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