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Our sales order management app, OIS Mobile, is a cloud-based mobile app customized to extinguish your every sales force problem. Streamline communication between your field agents and central office by simplifying sales, presales, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), and in-store calls.

Our cloud-based technology keeps your data up to date in real time 24/7. Ready to connect with OIS Central (Web-based BackOffice), as well as popular ERP/accounting systems such as SAP, MAS, Sage, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, and similar programs. Available for iPad/iPhone/Android devices.


Proven error reduction during the order taking process

Access to customer history data for a successful pricing negotiation

Less personnel resource invested in order taking

Better control of performance through metric analytic tools and GPS tracking


On demand product catalogue at the touch of a finger

Map routes and deliveries with GPS locations

Built-in messaging system

Real time reports

Now that you’ve seen some of all the technical specifications, benefits, and features of OIS Mobile you might wonder how all this fits into your business. Let us share our path to success with you.

The first thing to understand is that OIS is not a one-app-fits-all solution; quite the contrary. Every aspect of OIS Mobile’s functions are modular and adjustable to the way you do business. In this manner, OIS Mobile becomes Your Business App as opposed to your team being forced to adjust to a cookie cutter program that does not address your specific needs.

  • Frequently ordered products easily accessed via recurring order template.
  • Orders processed instantly.
  • Your product catalog at the touch of a finger.
  • Capture customer’s signature for commitment, suggested, or booked orders.
  • Optimize field efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Optimize field efficiency using our route manager.

How can the Sales Order Management app be used?

  1. Sales order app for iPhone
  2. Sales order booking app
  3. Order taking app for salesman

Going through the process, step by step.

The interview. The first step to delivering OIS Mobile is an interview with your team to discuss your business strategy and main hurdles. The product of that interview then becomes the guide to your personalized app for iPhone, Android, or both. An app designed to help you execute your strategy and overcome those hurdles in an easy and automated way.

Testing. Once we program OIS Mobile to your specific needs the sales order booking app gets deployed to your team for testing.

Maintenance and update. Once everybody is onboarded all that’s left to take of is maintenance and updates to make sure everything runs smooth on the platforms you choose completing the tasks it was designed for. In the event of any new needs arising then they too can be integrated into the app’s design.

The question remains, how does OIS Mobile boost your sales?

The bottom line is, of course, the most bar to clear for any business solution to make sense. How will OIS Mobile help you meet and exceed your sales goals? Easy, every time a Field Sales Agent uses OIS Mobile to its full potential then efficiency and accuracy will follow.

From the moment they calculate the visit route to the GPS time stamps they will have to input at every programmed stop the app will make sure maximum efficiency is integrated into the agenda.

Your sales agent then will have every last catalogued item up-to-date at the touch of a button needing nothing more than a device and a connection to the internet. Suggested sales, prices and offers can be populated and approved directly from the back-office and all done in real-time.

If that isn’t enough then also consider the important reduction in human error and just how much those are costing your bottom line right now.

What’s next? You ask.

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Click below and let’s get a demo set up at your earliest convenience.

Request a free Demo of our Sales Order Management app


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  • What you get with OIS MobileSales Order Management

    OIS Mobile integrates with OIS Central and OIS Connect (Web basedBackOffice), MAS, SagePro, Quickbooks, Peachtree and other accounting systems.

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