OIS Connect - Items - Customers - Orders - Sage

Eye-catching products
Help your Reps close sales using our easy-to-browse catalogues, built to display your products’ best features and benefits.

Customized filters
Make it easy for your customers to browse your catalogues using filters to organize and display your inventory.

Sage integration has never been easier that with the OIS app, which updates item and stock numbers in real-time. Your Sales Reps can fill orders to your customers’ needs relying on real inventory 24/7.

Always ready systems
OIS apps are built with accelerating features to speed up sales.

Thanks to our OIS Connect and Sage integration, invoices are kept updated on your mobile device, optimizing the order-to-cash process.

Connectivity issues are a thing of the past. OIS is built to function offline so you won’t be limited by faulty connections whether you’re at trade shows, sales events, retails stores or any location without internet-access.

Ready-to-go events
Setup for activities are made easy through our visual map scheduling, agenda setup and our travel routes features.

Activity evaluation
Measure and analyze merchandising activities through image visuals to audit product displays, customer satisfaction surveys, and location inventories; all time stamped and geo-tagged.

Ensure optimization through reliable reporting with metrics designed to identify inventory issues at locations, field rep execution, competition analysis, planogram compliance and product sale performance.

Integration with Sage
Take full advantage of Sage to keep your inventory, pricing, customers, and invoices up to date.

Open 24 hours
Through the OIS Connect Sage integration, you will access your inventory, at any time, to make sales on the go.

Complete customer profiles
With the Sage integration you'll be able to access customer profiles. Browse through past orders, debts, returns, and top selling items, which will be available to all sales rep on the field. This will allow them to make better pitches to customers on the go.

Customer interactions
Full interaction logs to keep detailed records of every encounter no matter the location of situation. Your reps will be able to set up notifications and communicate with coworkers directly thought the app.

A native app for every operating system
Whether your team prefers iOS, Android, or Windows 10; rest assured that the OIS Connect will let them access Sage information on a natively designed app at their disposal.



  • Administer group prices, specials, and promotions
  • Scan products and create catalogues
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • Sales route planning
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth printers
  • GPS tracking



  • Provide customers printed invoices on the spot
  • Keep track of your sales reps on the field
  • Use catalogues to close more sales
  • Program sales routes throughout the week
  • Remove error-ridden manual data entry all-together
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