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Learn How Kellogg’s is using mobile apps to increase B2B sales orders!

Kellogg’s has rolled out a Business-To-Business (B2B) eCommerce Mobile app to help convenience retailers place orders of snacks and cereals.

One of the world’s largest and oldest cereal makers with some of the most well-known brands of snack and convenience foods known to consumers is dropping serious hints at growing B2B e-commerce.

Speaking Nov. 13 at Kellogg Co.’s annual event for investors and analysts, Chris Hood, president for North America, said the maker of such iconic brands as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Special K sees significant growth opportunity in B2B e-commerce.

"We've dramatically expanded the number of C-store outlets and we've launched a B2B eCommerce business there."

As part of our redesign within our North American structure,” he said, Kellogg is making “an investment in e-commerce capability to really strengthen not only our ability to call on and serve omnichannel players but also pure-play as well as B2B,” he told analysts. “In B2B, in particular, we think there’s a huge opportunity for growth.—we already have a pretty significant business there today, but there’s a big opportunity for us to continue to accelerate.

Kellogg, which generates $13 billion in annual revenue and produces more than 160 snacks and convenience foods like cereal and frozen foods, isn’t releasing many specific details on its emerging B2B e-commerce plans such as annual B2B web sales or how many suppliers are currently using its various brand portals. But Monica McGurk, chief revenue and e-commerce officer, said during the investors event that retail e-commerce accounted for about 2% to 3% of revenue, a percentage that rises to “north of 5%” when including Kellogg’s B2B e-commerce. Using the figures, Kellogg does about $715 million overall in e-commerce sales, including about $325 million in B2B e-commerce.



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