Is there such as such as too Mobile Friendly?



The speed at which the industry has consistently innovated in the last few years makes it hard to forget how necessary it is to adapt. As it is, the number of users who used to visit your website 2 years ago, are now only visiting the mobile version of the same site.

With this in mind: is it better to move into the Mobile App territory and leave mobile-sites behind?

While it seems like we’d be cutting out some unnecessary costs, the fact is that no matter how quickly our market and ideal customer are changing, we still need to keep in mind that there is a vast variety of customers who are still adapting. It’s a great idea to create your own mobile app to move your clientele to the future, but it’s also necessary to be as present as possible in whichever way they feel most comfortable. Mobile-friendly sites are a great mid-way point where your customers can still find you online without downloading an app while access a touch-point without many issues. Apps provide a great number of advantages but are geared mostly towards the app-ready customer.


Why Mobile-friendly sites?

In B2B we see a bigger struggle between desktop and mobile environments, but mobile is taking the lead. It’s important to keep updated and at our customer’s reach.

Making sure your site looks good in any environment shouldn’t be a choice. Your client’s experience on your website should be consistent and designed with their experience in mind. When your website looks updated, it gives customers the impression that you bother keeping up with new technologies. This is an ideal trait all providers should have.


What are the benefits of a mobile app?

We’ve explored a few of these details before in our mobile app articles, but we wanted point out something vital:

  • Customer login allows for a more personalized experience and possibly re-targeting opportunities.
  • Loyal customers are users who want to be connected to you, so it stands to reason that clients who download the app would be easier to convert by using push notifications to promote specific discount or tailored products.

Don’t get us wrong, the world has changed, but keeping as many doors open to your clients is vital. So, keep the mobile-site door open, as you would the traditional desktop website. Expanding your distribution channels is simply business 101.