Additional Features

Automate processes for sales, merchandising and order fullfillment life cycle

orders icon


Orders can be entered and they can be electronically sent via the Cellular Phone-PDA device. When an order is entered; it automatically calculates special pricing for individual customers or special pricing on products. Credits given to customers for undelivered or damaged products can also be included in the order.

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After an order has been entered a ticket for the warehouse is generated and ready to be printed. The information on the printed ticket only shows the product number and the quantity that was ordered; pricing and credit information are not shown.

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Specials can be created by products, by an individual company or by group of companies. The specials can be controlled (when the specials are in effect) by start and end dates.

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Real-time statistics and reminders

Real-time statistics offer access to key performance metrics, supporting intelligent, timely business decisions. Real-time reminders assist employees with their daily to-do tasks. office.

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After a warehouse ticket is fulfilled, an invoice is automatically created only charging the client for products that were in stock.

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Receive payments from clients and apply them to a single or multiple invoices. Additionally, it provides the option to apply available credits if it exists.

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A variety of reports are included: sales by customer, sales representatives, product, unpaid invoices, advanced custom contact reports and more.

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Some businesses require credits to be submitted in a credit memo and separate from an order.

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Products can be tracked by an item code number, UPC code, product name, category or unit.

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Custom customer pricing

This feature allows you to individually provide different product pricing to companies.

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Batch Printing

Is an utility that allows you to print all invoices at once.