How can a mobile app benefit your business?

We’ve discussed the benefits and disadvantages of implementing eCommerce through a digital webstore on your business’s website. We’ve also touched on how having a mobile app can be a beneficial investment, but we’ve received questions about exploring the topic further. All the questions can be summarized in: why should my company invest in a mobile app when I already have a webstore?

The answer comes in several parts. Mobile apps have come a long way since they first made their way into our phones. These investments that used to be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars have now reduced to an acceptable cost that might beneficial for your business in the following ways:


Your company at the touch of your customers’ fingertips

As a provider, you’re competing in a market that floods the consumer with messages all the time, so it’s ideal to be accessible to them as easily as possible. By giving your customers an app that is available to them 24/7, you’re basically providing them with an all-access channel that sells to them at their earliest convenience.


Branding is always important

Your brand on a device can serve as a passive way of advertising. Every time one of your customers views the app; it serves as a reminder that you exist which can even, on occasion, serve as a reminder that there are orders that need to be made.


A mobile app opens more communication channels with your customer

Your app doesn’t just have to serve as a way for you to sell to your customers, it’s meant to be a tool to build customer loyalty as well. Through an app, you can custom build promotions to be sent out to your customers to reward their preference. As we’re sure you’ve heard before, generating a new customer costs 5 times what it cost to retain a current customer. This retention can be both quick and cost efficient through one platform that connects to a channel you already know your customers are using.


Stand out over your competition

Since the realm of mobile apps for business is still growing, you can still be among the firsts. In the case that you are, you can increase presence and branding, standing out as a breakout in your field. If there are already competitors of yours using mobile apps, staying relevant is important, as you don’t want to be the business that isn’t innovating and trying to keep with the times.

The truth is that we keep evolving the way we do business and while it’s important to maintain a distribution channel through sales rep active, having the support of a mobile app on your customer’s phone is not just relevant, but necessary to keep your presence alive in their minds.

There are always requirements, as we’ve mentioned before, to going digital. Make sure that if (when) you develop your app, you consider your business needs: ERP, inventory management and a holistic integration of warehouse needs. We can help. Contact us to inquire about mobile app development for your business.