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What kind of businesses benefit from an OIS Solution?

Any company that has a hard time keeping a product catalogue up-to-date and in the hands of every sales agent and customer will benefit from the cloud connection OIS integrates into every solution.

Most enterprises want to reduce costly human errors, OIS can make that happen thanks to the automation ingrained in the system that in turn empowers both sales agents and clients.

A corporation with a sales team ready to increase the number of channels they operate on in a way that won’t overwhelm them. Instead, it will provide order and flexibility to boost sales across the board.

Business that want to meet the challenges and opportunities of a digital world with all the necessary tools. Tools that make sales easier, faster, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Orders In Seconds is an app designed to connect your sales force in the field with the power of the cloud. Let your team communicate fluidly to maximize sales and reduce human error.

OIS eCommerce is the right tool to setup your online store. An online sales channel that works 24 hours a day delivering a retail experience.

Warehouse In Seconds is a system that will help you track every item in real time and connected to your favorite SAP software. This way you can carry your entire warehouse in your pocket.


The OIS Solution is used by distributors and manufacturers of all sizes


Don’t take it from us, have a look at what some our clients’ experiences using the OIS mobile platform have been like.


"Investing in the iPad technology for our retail and van teams has been by far the best investment I could make to ensure to that my business is well structured for the future".

David Berg – President


"Not only does the system handle our route distribution invoicing needs, it also becomes a backup to store our data offsite.".

Brent Edwars – General Manager

See what you can do with our Sales Order Management Software
It includes an order taking software solution for pre-sales, merchandisers, DSD Sales,
a great product catalog software for professional sales presentations and more.


The OIS Solution integrates with other Accounting and ERP systems
SAP integration, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, Peachtree, QuickBooks
and in-house developed custom accounting systems.

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Perhaps you have some specifics questions regarding the utility and application of some of the OIS Solutions. Or you want to have a look at some of the real world problems OIS has solved.

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