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OIS iMobile is the next generation of sales software and a Web-based Back Office for sales force automation, truck sales, outside sales, route sales, merchandising and in-store audits.

Some of the main features of our product are:

  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Compatible with multiple tablets and smartphones
  • No phone calls or emails to communicate between field and main office
  • Web-based Back Office
  • Generate orders and invoices electronically
  • Check your inventory remotely
  • View an electronic product catalog
  • Integrate your sales and accounting software such as: AS/400, MAS, Sage Pro, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Dynacom and more.

Orders In Seconds, Inc. (OIS) mission is to provide affordable enterprise mobile solutions and our focus is to thrive on innovation by providing leading edge technology and exceptional customer service.

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Integration Services

We understand the increasing importance of integrating your business processes across all your applications. OIS applications are tightly integrated. Our integration services experts can help you integrate our sales software in applications with your back- and front-office enterprise applications, allowing easy sharing and maintenance of critical customer information.

OIS iMobile iPad Order Process

The Mobile Application could make you to improve the sales of your business, the technology is advancing and the next step is to do everything through it, just need to be decided and to eliminate fears that make you stand back from your competitors, if you do not want it OIS iMobile is the solution for you.